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2D Road Drafting Tools

2D Road Drafting Tools

It would be nice to see some 2D road drafting tools along the lines of corridors and junction design. Rather than creating alignments then surfaces and profiles before corridors and junctions can be modeled I would love to see the same sort of idea but in 2D form so our Urban Design section can quickly create roads and junctions without the fuss of profiles, alignments, surfaces etc.


There could be an option to create assemblies based on the various cross sections of the roads which our roads engineers could then use to create assemblies and profiles etc....


Then the center lines could be batch converted into alignments and profiles (someone else's idea on this forum)


At the moment it seems that all the master planning and initial design work is completed by manual 2D drafting which is later converted to 3D models. This could be streamlined using this process followed by automatic assembly generation etc


I hate to say this, but I think that that is the purpose of InfraWorks.


It is going to be hard enough for Civil 3D to get development resources to fix/improve/add 3D functionality.   

Ah, unfortunately I have never used Infraworks so I had no idea. Guess I'll have to push my company to get a trial version.

I have had very little experience with it, myself. Based on my experience, I am not able to give any sort of evaluation. I do know that Autodesk thinks highly of Infraworks and is investing a lot in developing it. I think that as Civil 3D users, we ignore Infraworks at our peril.  

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