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2017 Parking Lot Workflow - Needs just a couple of Enhancements

2017 Parking Lot Workflow - Needs just a couple of Enhancements


  1. Need an Infill object that can fill the areas bewteeen the corridor islands, corridor crosspans and corridor curb and gutter with our pavement structural sections (i.e. 6" asphalt on 10" base course).
  2. Need a Select Mulitple Baselines option to select the multiple Baselines that are using the same Assembly (typically curb and gutter). This multiple selection process would also create the required Regions and apply the same Assembly for us.


In the simple example below, a Lane subassembly works for modeling the pavement. In more realistic parking lots with many islands the Targeting becomes problematic and fails.


In the example video, the User demonstrates how to select a feature line as Baseline, and then a Curb and Gutter Assembly to go with the Baseline. Then the video quickly speeds up, showing the User picking featurelines, Creating Regions, and selecting the exact same Curb and Gutter Assembly repetively over, and over, and over.... again.


Say a parking lot has 30 islands. After the initial Baseline is built, we have to repetively do the following 29 times using the same Curb and Gutter Assembly:


  1. Select Add Baseline
  2. Pick Feature Line
  3. Select Ok
  4. Create Region
  5. Add and Select same Curb and Gutter Assembly to Region
  6. Back to Step 1











Hi Fred,


You read my mind on both points. When I was creating that video, it was really tedious to do the same clicks over and over again. Likewise with the infill for the pavement in the parking lot; we are aware that we need a better solution for material volumes in that case.




Hi Tim,


Haha..Thanks for implementing the new corridor control workflow though...This will quickly become an industry game changer.

Why not create a place curb command? The default values could be featureline style, assembly, and corridor (existing or new). Then the regular feature line prompts would be provided to set grades and locations. It would also be useful for convert feature lines from objects or Create Curbs from Objects in this new use case. 



I find that most of the processes Autodesk create don't ask the question: "Would I want to do this over and over again if I had a large project to work on? And if so how could I have the workflow to automate it more?" Most of the time by the time it gets to the users in Beta or at AU it's too late to change the command. It would be cool if that question was asked by the tool designers at the beginning of the new command process. Kind of like this request for a long time need for batch processing. When I'm faced with the profile like problem, I just write up an App for it. Most users aren't that lucky.


Hi Christopher,


We really didn't set out to create a parking lot command. The workflow in the video is just one example of how using feature lines as corridor baselines as part of a larger workflow. Once that functionality was in place, we and other users started applying it in a variety of situations, such as retaining walls, parking lots, etc. We quickly realized (just as you and Fred pointed out) there are a few ways to take this further and make it more scalable for more complicated situations like parking lots. We're researching a few ways to make this happen.

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