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12da import/export functionality is broken, please fix it

12da import/export functionality is broken, please fix it

I guess no one but Australia and New Zealand really care about this. Maybe Autodesk can quickly dismiss our market even.


The reality is a lot of work is done in 12D and clients that are moving from 12D to Civil 3D or working with people from companies that use 12D need a clean way to import export data from it.


The 12DA file import/export tool is broken. You can even change the unicoding on a file and get it to work.


Even when you get a 12da file from old version of 12D. I.E V(9.0 and less) these don't work either. There is no support for super alignments etc.


Can we please get a working version so that the Australian/NZ Civil 3D users can work with the rest of the Australian/ZN Civil Market!




Hi There


I agree with you. It is frustrating when we cannot simply share information with other softwares.

I have spent most of today trying to import a 12D file, playing around with the encoding etc.


Using Civil3D 2018 and the 12d data importer doesn't seem to work for super alignments still? Is that right? Any work around?


Thanks in advance.

I can confirm there is absolutely no way to do it easily within civil 3D.
My only success is been to get the 12d guys to export their data as genio
files or convert the super alignments to regular alignments and export as
old 12da format

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