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10 Things to add to Civil 3D

10 Things to add to Civil 3D

1. Double click inside corridor properties box to select alignments and profiles

2. Adding targets by name...allowing cut and paste functionality

3. Sorting Subassemblies by type

4. Shift/Control functionality in corridor properties, for targets, etc.

5. restore last and previous functionality for target selection

6. list overriden subassembly parameters by a range of stations and/or assembly

7. Datareference corridors

8. make survey figures and feature line styles the same or combine objects, why do we need both

9. extract block from point style w/o third party application

10. Put ReCap Pro and InfraWorks Pro in the Ultimate Suite


I appreciate the intent here, but it's not actually very helpful to have these all lumped together.

The purpose of the IdeaStation is that we can all vote on each idea. Then Autodesk people look at them and decide which ones to work on, at least partially influenced by the votes. So basically, you have 10 ideas here, not one, and they should be posted as 10 different ideas.

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Due to a low strategic fit, technical feasibility, or the support of your peers, ideas with this status are not being considered for implementation at this time. Thank you for your contribution, every idea has merit. We always encourage you to rework and resubmit these ideas based on feedback received.




Peter Funk

Sr. Product Manager

Autodesk, Inc.


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