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Zoom to Line/Curve Segment Label

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Zoom to Line/Curve Segment Label

Is there anyone who either knows of or can write a lisp command that will zoom to a Line/Curve Segment label or tag? 

I have map drawings that have several line and curve tag labels and sometimes it takes a while to find the label I am looking for. I am hoping, by now, someone can or has created a lisp to zoom to these objects or entities, what ever they are. Thanks in advance. 

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By selecting it from a line/curve table?

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not sure exactly why you want to find specific labels because typically we would find the object that is being labelled to. Typically I would use "Qselect" to find the object I am looking for then "isolate" that object and "zoom extent"

If you really want to find a specific label, I suggest you save the drawing as a separate file and explode  everything so labels now become text and use the "find" command to find the desired text




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