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Volume Table End Area Math

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Volume Table End Area Math

I am curious if there is a setting that I need to change or if I am doing something wrong when I generate tables.  when you look at the table from station 0+00 to 0+58 for the cumulative volume I get a different answer than Civil 3D punches out.

125.5635 + 1.4781 = 127.0416/2 = 63.52 SF


63.5208 x 58 = 3684.2064 CF


3684.2064/27 = 136.4521Common Ex.PNG

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Hi @Kyle.Obeirne , 


Thank you for contributing in the Autodesk Forums. It is always a great idea to check the math. Looks like you are using the average end area calculation method and your calculations are correct based on the inputs. Can you zip up the file and send it to me? I would like to confirm there aren't any issues in the file. You can send it to me directly if you do not want it public facing. 

Nate Philbrick

Technical Support Specialist Civil 3D & Infraworks
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I was able to figure out what the problem was.  I needed to uncheck a box for curve tolerance.

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Hi @Kyle.Obeirne 


Glad to hear you figured it out and thanks so much for sharing the solution! This will benefit other users in the community with the same issue.

Lynn Zhang
Community Manager

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