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Very disturbing xref bug

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Very disturbing xref bug

Over the last few months I have experienced several worrisome occurrences of an xref "shifting", but with insertion point, x/y/z scale, and units all matching the host drawing - all these established from the point of referencing.  This has occurred with 2 separate projects, on 2 separate machines, on two versions (2022 and 2024).   The only solution I've found is to detach and reattach, which blows out all xref overrides.  The shift is about a foot or two.


Has anybody else experienced this?  Is there a TS'ing step that I'm not utilizing?

Civil 3D 2019 (6.1)
Windows 10 Pro (21H2)
(i7-11850H @ 2.50 GHz)
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in reply to: bcsurvey

I don't think I have seen this but I can give you a couple of potential causes.  Based on what you are describing, it sounds like this.


Often times people will try to select objects and accidently drag an object (xref) over a bit.  One way you can avoid this is to use the XREFLAYER setting and pick a layer for xrefs to be 'inserted' on.  (We use _XREF).  Once the xref is overlaid into the file, you can lock the _XREF layer.  That work fairly well for locking these down.


If you do that with an xref on a locked layer, you will get: 1 was on a locked layer.

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in reply to: bcsurvey

This is disturbing indeed.  The last thing anyone wants is unexplained creep in a design drawing.  I agree with @brian.strandberg  that locking layers might be a solution, I’d be interested to know if this stops the creep.


As for the cause of the creep, I am not sure.  Potentially a junior cad user?  I found one of our new users moving objects to select objects beneath because they did not know about the selection cycling feature.


Mike Kingdon
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in reply to: bcsurvey

This will occur if the host drawing is set to feet and the xref is set to survey feet. But it does sound like and inadvertent flick


Why I cant explain but it does

Joe Bouza
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in reply to: bcsurvey

Try choosing Unitless for insertion scale in Units

Fred Ernst, PE
C3D 2025
Ernst Engineering
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in reply to: bcsurvey

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