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Vanishing Point Labels

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Vanishing Point Labels

Hi there,

I'm brand new to Civil 3D and am teaching myself via online courses.
In my exploring of Point Styles and Point Label Styles I made all my point labels disappear. If I try to 'Zoom To' a point the drawing space moves but I still can't see anything. 


I've attached a file where you can see the point labels and the newest version where they've vanished. Haven't been able to find the difference between the two myself. Would appreciate any help! 

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You gust need to adjust the hierachy of the Point Group, currently NO Dispaly is at the top, Right click on Point groups and seledt what you would like to see, they work very similar to layers. I selectthe Point heading and right click - push to top and there they are.


Point groups can play the rose of layers, by descripiotn or howerever you want to see them, you can even control them to show a certain symbol besides what a Description Key will override.

Rick Jackson
Survey CAD Technician VI

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You need to learn about Point Groups.


In short:

Points get sorted into Point Groups.

A single Point can belong to many Point Groups

The Point Group at the top takes priority

The Point Group "Hidden" will hide all your Points

If the Point Group "Hidden" is at the top, all your Points will be hidden

If the Point Group "Hidden" is at the bottom, all your Points will show.




Mike Kingdon
Civil 3D Zealot


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in reply to: rl_jackson

Thank you so much! 
Super helpful. 

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in reply to: m_kingdon

Just started learning the program today. I'll get there. 

Thanks for the information.

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