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Top of Structure Grip Edits

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Top of Structure Grip Edits

When I select the top of structure grip in profile views, the key-in for an elevation pops up (see picture below). Entering an elevation just moves the top of the structure to some random elevation that is anything but the elevation I typed in. Is there any way to fix this issue? Seems pointless to give me the option to enter a value if that value is then ignored.




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That is kind of strange, if you are able please post the drawing.  I suspect that you are not in the world coordinate system, and that is goofing things up for you.  Type in UCS <enter> <enter> to set to world, and see if it still acts weird.



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Could be this:

Structures have a built-in pipe clearance value that limits how close a pipe can get to the top of the structure.  Structures will discard an entered top elevation if its violates this limit and replace it.  (I think it goes to the lowest value possible based on the connected pipes)   So, your connected pipe elevations could be overriding your structure top values.



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Yeah, I am familiar with that. That is not the case here though.


Seems its a problem with this specific file. I tried it in another and it works fine. I tried setting to world UCS (99% sure it was already anyway) and that didnt help. Any other suggestions? I tried AUDIT on the file already.

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Hi Brian, 

Thanks for reaching out to the forum. Are you able to share the dwg?

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