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Split profile band behavior

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Split profile band behavior

Can someone please help.


I have a several profiles which are displayed in plan/profile views using viewports to control what is displayed on each sheet. This works fine apart from the bands for vertical and horizontal alignment. In many cases these span across 2 profile views meaning that I have to export the profile to cad and edit them manually to display as required.


Is there a way to do this in C3D instead. I tried splitting the profile on the 'elevations' tab under 'profile view properties' in the hope that this would also split the bands at these locations, but no joy. I know it is probably something simple but just can't figure it out.


I know if I re-create the profile under 'create multiple profile views' this would fix the problem. But the plan/profile sheets were set up in AutoCAD before I joined the project and so to go down that route means that I would have to arrange for all 220+ drawings to be edited.


Manually fixing the profile bands each time they are updated is quicker that updating all the drawings but I just want to avoid the additional step.



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Can you add a second copy of the same band in the same location, and just drag the labels so that they show up on each portion of the profile?
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Thanks for the quick reply GrapeSquishy.


I see where you're going. I would then only have to fix the value locations once rather than every time the profile is updated.


This would have no affect on the band geometry line though. So only half or quarter of a band curve on a horizontal or vertical bend will be shown in the view. I would still need to edit this manually so no real benefit in time.


What I'm hoping for is a way to automatically make the bands create a split (between points) at the stations set in the split profile settings. Or to be able to manually force the bands to break at particular locations. This would then ensure that the band geometry line would also display correctly in both profile views that it crosses. Maybe it just can't be done without physically splitting the profile using the multiple profile option.


Any more ideas you have on this are welcome.





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were any solutions found to the problem? I am also experiencing this

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