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Section views

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Section views

In any department in India ,whether it is government or private, we require the offsets  and elevations of survey points to to be displayed in bands at the bottom of section view. If it is not possible in Civil 3D it can never be of much useful software in India. If anybody is having any solution for this problem ,kindly suggest.

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I think the closest you'll get is to use Project Multiple Objects to Section Views (ProjectObjectsToMultisect). Project Cogo Points and create label styles that place the label where you want them placed. I don't know of a way to get an actual section view band to display point information.




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By survey points do you mean the the station offset of a point like Edge of Pavement, Daylight, etc...?


If so you create an empty band with no data, just a box. Then in the LabelStyleComposer for the Marker you have the anchor component to <Feature> and the Anchor Point to Section View Bottom. Then set the Y offset the desired value to get the label within the band. 

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