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Profile data shortcut created in 2016 will not update dynamically in 2019

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Profile data shortcut created in 2016 will not update dynamically in 2019

We recently updated to C3D 2019.3 and noticed that our profiles and alignments that were created in 2016 and "data shortcutted" out prior to the switch are not updating when the source drawing is revised. It seems to see the .xml data shortcuts but will not update when changes are made.


We have found that if we delete the data shortcut, re-create it from the source drawing and re-create the reference in the sheet drawing, then the profile will behave as expected but by doing that I lose all of my labels and label overrides.


This only happens to sheet drawings that have been opened in 2019. If I plot from SSM a drawing that hasn't been opened in 2019, the changes are reflected but not for the sheets that have been opened in 2019. 


There seems to be a difference between the .xml that 2016 created for data shortcuts and the .xml that 2019 creates for data shortcuts. When I compare the two in a text editor, there are some line in the 2019 that don't show up in the 2016. I have tried to mimic the 2019 format but no luck.


Anyone else having this issue? Any ideas as to why it is happening or a fix for it?


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There's a difference in drawing format as well, sometimes you don't want to push things forward depending on where your at in the design process. You could try opening all associated files and updating them to the 2018 format, but if your at 90% complete I'd say restore a backup and use 16

Rick Jackson
Survey CAD Technician VI

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in reply to: rl_jackson

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, going back to 2016 isn't an option at this point. I am just surprised no one else is having this issue. 

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