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Pressurized pipe network elevation adjustment!!

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Pressurized pipe network elevation adjustment!!

Hello Everyone,

Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2021.

I was assigned work that iam not familiar with for the first time. The scope of the work is to design/draft a pressurized pipe network for a lagoon cell to bypass another lagoon cell. The pipe will be temporary and will be above ground.

from my understanding the pressurized network require a surface that will be used as a way to obtain elevations (Cover). Now i cant use the existing ground as its not the best.

i can use an alignment or a feature line and create the pipe surface and use that for the pressure network, but that will require to do more work that i prefer not to do if possible.

If there a way to adjust the pressure pipe network as we do with feature lines? or is there an easier way/better way that iam not familiar with?


Thank you for your time

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