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Pressure pipe labels not showing in "split" profile view.

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Pressure pipe labels not showing in "split" profile view.

in Civil 3D 2016, I am trying to label a pressure pipe part in a profile view that is split.  The labeling shows up in profile views that are not split.  Is there a setting I am missing to make the labels show up?  This only applies to the pressure network pipes.  Appurtenance and fitting labels show up in both types of profile views.  

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I am having this problem in 2018. Pipe labels work if the profile isn't split. All fitting labels work.  Anyone else. Version Civil 3D 2018.2 update.


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After creating Split Profile views, right-click on a profile view and go to Profile View Properties. Uncheck Split profile view in the Elevations tab and click Ok. You can now label the pressure pipes. Not sure if this prevents you from any of the other functionality of a split profile, but it works to label the pressure pipes.Pressure Pipe Split View.png

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Sorry I don't have anything to add, but I am glad to see I am not crazy for not being able to see the labels I just created. I am having the same issue and hopefully Autodesk will see that this is a problem that needs to be fixed. It makes having a split profile useless or using pressure pipe labels useless. The idea of pressure pipes is great, but if you can't get it right, what is the point of having them.

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To answer your question, "Not sure if this prevents you from any of the other functionality of a split profile". It 100% prevents you from split profile functionality, you got rid of the split profile!

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I'm not sure what other way you use a split profile. It doesn't prevent me from any of the functionality I use if for. I am still able to create my plan and profile sheets, label the profile the same way I can with any other profile, and I am able to label all of my pipe networks (gravity and pressure). If it prevents you from any functionality you require with a split profile, I would suggest not using the method I posted. 

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Why is this still a thing in 2021? I can't believe Autodesk hasn't figured this out yet! I regularly use a split profile and not being able to use the functionality of the label system is really frustrating.  Back to dumb text in the layout tab! May as well be using R14.

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This is STILL an issue in 2023.  None of my labels show up in split profile views.  Even the gravity network.  If I leave the split profile, the labels appear.  

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