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OverlayWidenMatchSlope1 Left Side of Assembly?

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OverlayWidenMatchSlope1 Left Side of Assembly?

Hi All,


I saw a similar post from 2008 on this, but is there a way to get the OverlayWidenMatchSlope1 subassembly to be attached to the LEFT side of an assembly?  I was able to get this to work by assigning a negative insert offset value, per suggestions in the previous post.  My corridor and surface for the road looks fine (see attached plan view.png); however, when I attempted to attach a retaining wall to the left side of the lane, I receive error messages saying "Value on wrong side of alignment or profile..."


The problem appears to be that the OWMS1 subassembly is attached to the right side of my assembly, based on the assembly properties construction tab (see assembly properties_construction.png).  


I will have widening on both sides of the road,  and I would like to use OWMS1 for each case, so I can't just change the direction of my alignment.


Any suggestions?  My only other ideas involve brute force and less automation.





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