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Moving location of annotative cogo point labels

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Moving location of annotative cogo point labels



I am creating a drawing that shows multiple spot shots (cogo points) around a specific area. I need to show the entire site as a whole, which is coming in at 30 scale, as well as a blown up section of the drawing, at 10 scale. 


With standard Mtext/blocks I am allowed to set the location of each item at a given scale. Is there a way to adjust the location of cogo points in a similar fashion?



Excuse the poorly drawn orange arrows, but this just shows the gap between the mark and text location. The text height is .08 in all instances.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Thanks in advance

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in reply to: Abbington

Do you use annotative text, blocks, and dimensions?
Otherwise you will need one set of each for every 'scale' type you wish to create to reduce the clutter and text/info sizes you are having trouble with.
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in reply to: pendean

Thanks for the response


I do, it's just specifically the cogo points giving me issues.

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in reply to: Abbington

You're posting in the plain autocad forum, should post in the C3d

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in reply to: Patchy

Yup, just realized that mistake. Sorry

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