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Modifying Points of Surface

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Modifying Points of Surface

I had a question regarding Points in C3D. I am creating a design surface and need to be able to modify point elevations easily. I created the surface using a Point Group that has labels as shown in the screenshot. When I modify that point elevation manually in the properties I notice sometimes it doesn’t bring the actual point (yellow circle) with it. I then have to open up the prospector surface, Definition-Edits, and modify point to the new elevation.  I’ve tried ensuring the label is in fact snapped to the point with node snap and it seems to be. Maybe there’s an easier way?

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On Prospector tab, right click Point Groups. Move your surface point group to the top.


In Point Group Properties for your group, on Information tab, set your point and point label styles. On the Overrides tab, turn on the override for Point Style.


Edit the Point Style, 3D Geometry tab, set Point Display Mode to Use Point Elevation.


You might need to update your point group by right-clicking it on the Prospector tab and selecting Update.

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I would select the points you need to edit, rt clk and select Edit Points. That will let you edit the points in the Panorama. Make sure to close the Panorama with the green check mark in the upper right hand corner and not the X in the upper left. You may need to update the Point Group before seeing the effect.

Allen Jessup
CAD Manager - Designer
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