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Mill, Overlay & Widen Subassemlby-problem

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Mill, Overlay & Widen Subassemlby-problem

Hello all,

I am looking for a some assitance with creating a corridor for a roadway that will be Widened, Milled and Overlay. I have only used the corridor/sub-assembly commands for new roads in subdivisons but this particular project that I am working on includes rehabilitaion to an existing roadway.


Here is the design:

    *Left side of road to be widened from ex. eop(width varies 0ft-8ft) and to recieve new curb and gutter and sidewalk

    *Right side of road to be milled 1.5" for a width of 6ft

    *Entire road to recieve 3" overlay


I have done a some reaserch and started to create the assembly but I am stuck. Here are my Questions:

1. I am using the OverlayWidenMatchSlope1 (OWMS1) subassembly for the left side (widening) and one of the Mill subassemblies (can't remember name at the moment) for the right side, is that correct? Will that take care of the 3"overlay across the entire road?

2. I can only attach the OWMS1 to the right of the assembly why is that? My widening is on left side, how do I attach to left?

3. The width of my widening varies, is there a subassembly other than the one Iam using for this situation or should I have different subassembly for each width (i.e. 2ft, 3ft,4ft etc.)


Any help would be greatly appreicated! 


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I've never reached a comfort level with that sub, but this I what I do:


1. I create an assembly for an "Undivided Crowned Rooad" (verify type when creating the assembly

2. add a Mark Point sub

3. add an OverlaYMill2 to the Mark Point

4. I add an outside lane super to the side I am widening (LaneSuoerAOR)

5. go to assembly properties construction tab highlight the LaneSuoerAOR, highlight default slope >> under parameter reference check the box use>> there is a drop down in get value from pick the overlay widen slope for the side you are widening


this is for matching slope.


to get these things to widen you have to have targets you may have a aligngment, feature line or polylines for the sawcut and the new eop. when you create the corridor you have to use the target button ane tell the corridor the various points on your section that need a horizontal or vertical control. (this applies to the sub you are currently using as well



Joe Bouza
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Thank alot Joe I will try that out tommorw.. I have never used the targets before so I will see how that goes. Thanks again. 

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Be wary of subs with the word "Basic" in the name; most of those do not support targets

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