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I am struggling with masking right now. 

I have had my template setup with the same settings for years and now all of a sudden the masking is "acting up."

As you can see from the attached .pdf, the masking associated with points, labels etc. are printing as colors.  I feel like I've tried all (that I know what to do) options, but to no avail. 


What I've noticed (that has never been the case before) is the point style that I have set (e.g., blue), the label masking will change to that color.  If its red, than the masking is red.  Not sure why the point style would be controlling the label color now, but...


Also, my line labels are showing up with black masking on my previews as well as actual plotting, too.  If I turn the background mask on and off, the distance label turn on and off.


*It appears to be display order problem?  If that is the case, how do you change the DO in labels?


I've looked at numerous forum topics and have tried some of the suggestions, but have had no luck.  I've also uninstalled C3D 2020 and installed 2021 - as suggested in some discussions. 


Thanks, all!

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in reply to: Anonymous

@Anonymous ,


It might possible the draw order has changed.

You can change it from the Labels style composer >> Layout Tab>> Draw order

Nilesh Chaudhari
Product Support Specialist
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in reply to: Anonymous

Is it possible you're printing with a different .CTB file than you've been using in the past?

Mark Mccall 
CAD Mangler

Hammer Land Engineering


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in reply to: MMcCall402

Same .ctb.  Thanks, though.

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in reply to: Nilesh_Chaudhari

That's what I was thinking, but I cant see where to control the DO for the label and masking.  Can you explain how to control the two?


Under the Layout tab, I see Component draw order, but I cant adjust the masking there.  Am I missing something?


Thank you for your help!



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in reply to: Anonymous

Silly thought here but was the drawing origally created with both model and paper backgrounds set to black. The wipeouts are a raster image and red is the first color in the wheel. Set the background to black and see if that fixes things. OP - User preference - colors

Rick Jackson
Survey CAD Technician VI

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