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Linestyle Text Not Showing - help!

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Linestyle Text Not Showing - help!

Hi all,

urgent question regarding Linestyles:

I have read in our .lin file with no issues. It shows all available line styles that I am looking for.

In properties of each line the linestyle is selected.


In the model space the line is shown as a continuous line....

MSScale set to 1

PSscale set to 1

LTSscale set to 1


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You didn't include the linetype definition.  If the linetype definition has an overall cycle of dashes and gaps that adds up to more than the length of the Line, it will show as continuous.  It can only draw non-continuous linetypes in complete cycles  of the definition pattern, so any Line [or Arc, or Polyline, or...] must be at least that long in order for the pattern to show.

Kent Cooper, AIA
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in reply to: Anonymous

Based on the properties window, you have a 3D polyline selected.  Linetypes don't shoe on 3D polylines.


Convert it to a 2D polyline with CONVERT3DPOLYS

Mark Mccall 
CAD Mangler

Hammer Land Engineering


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