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How scale an XREF in a drawing.

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How scale an XREF in a drawing.

I need to scale this XREF of utilities to the drawing I have. How does one scale a xref to match all of your linework in a drawing. 

scale of the site. 23-7869-SEWER AND DRAINAGE.pngScreenshot 2023-07-28 141917.png

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When you reference in the xref, you can alter the scaling here:



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If the utilities dwg has at least 2 points that correspond to your host dwg, you can use the align command to move, scale and rotate it to fit your dwg. Look up how align works in the help system. Be careful that you don't snap to anything with elevations as that can cause the xref to be skewed in the z plane. Use .xy point filters in that scenario.

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