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Hatches w/Same Properties Plotting Different in Same Viewport

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Hatches w/Same Properties Plotting Different in Same Viewport


I have some shoulder hatches that have the exact same properties in my basemap but when xref'd into a drawing, they plot very differently in the same viewport. I will attach a screen grab showing the difference. 


Has anyone seen this issue before? Its happening in 2022 and 2024 versions of Civil3D. 



Solution: I ended up changing the scale of both hatches in the original file until I found a scale that plots the same in the viewport. 

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Ok, that picture really tells us nothing. 


It does look like the scale is larger on the upper hatch which will produce visible differences.


WBLOCK out the hatches into a new drawing and post it here, or post pictures of the hatch properties and the difference between display and plotting. 

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Try FLATTEN on the hatches

Joe Bouza
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Use the Match command to match the good one to the bad one.



Mark Mccall 
CAD Mangler

Hammer Land Engineering


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I already have done that. The hatched have all the same properties. 

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Share the drawing so we can take a look at it instead of just guessing at what the problem may be.

Brian J. Hailey, P.E.

GEI Consultants
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