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Editing View Frame Scale and Alignment- Are Automatic View Frames Worth the Hassle?

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Editing View Frame Scale and Alignment- Are Automatic View Frames Worth the Hassle?

I am working on several water line projects and am trying to decide if using view frames and automatic sheet set creation is worth it.


I started a water line project where the scale was 1" = 30' and then needed to change to 1"=50'. Is there a way to change my view frame scale in this case?


I also need to change the alignment associated with the view frame often as water lines change- is there a way to do that? I have a lot of text in paper space that will be deleted. It seems to be a lot of extra work to create new view frames every time something changes. Any suggestions? 

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I wouldn't do a water line project (or sewer, gas, electrical conduit, etc) any other way. You do have to recreate sheets anytime scales, layouts change. Minor layout changes can be done by manipulating the view ports. You can copy and paste the paper space components from previous layouts. Use 3d labels where possible to automatically update to reflect scale and other layout changes and minimize work to recreate layouts and sheets as much as needed.

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Kill the old VFG first, then just rerun the plan and profile tool.  


I do believe it worth it because I look at the P&P tool like this. . .it's going to get you very close to the target, but there will still be some editing involved (profile elevations and stationing), but it still beats having to manually figure out the stations and elevations by trial and error.  

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