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Drawing recovery manager not opening automatically at start up after a crash

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Drawing recovery manager not opening automatically at start up after a crash

The Drawing Recovery Manager Dialog box use to open automatically upon start up after a crash. It will open from the pull down menu or the command line. It sometimes opens after i open a drawing. It just saves a step and i got use to it opening upon the restart of Autocad. Is there a setting somewhere that i haven't found and is this happening to anyone else? 

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What is RECOVERYMODE set to? Is it physically closed, or just hidden?
R.K. McSwain     | CADpanacea | on twitter
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Recovery mode is set to 2 and dialog box is physically closed not hidden 

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If "drawingrecovery" doesn't bring the recovery manager to view it may be set to auto hide or hidden behind another window. Close all ACAD/C3D internal windows and look for it. If you had more monitors than you have currently it could be on a missing monitor, I don't remember the windows process to find those screen, but it shouldn't be hard to find.

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Thank you but it is not hidden and not behind any other application. As i said, if i type in the command or use the pull down menu it opens up fine. Just not opening automatically on restart after crash



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