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Corridor frequency at a multiple profile (superimposed) geometry points.

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Corridor frequency at a multiple profile (superimposed) geometry points.

Hi all,

I try to make a corridor including a road, a wall and a sidewalk.

Im using the road's profile for corridor. But I need reduce frequency points at wall's and sidewalk's profile geometry points.


I have long way solution for that problem. I produce a helper corridor including three generic link that are targeting three profile. Then I produce cogo points from the helper corridor. At the end I add extra frequency points by clicking on these produced points. That method works correctly but takes long time and it is not dynamic.


Does any body know the way get frequency points of multiple profile (superimposed)?

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No way that I know of to dynamically do it (not saying it can't be done, just don't know how). I thought perhaps extracting the featureline from the corridor and then adding it back to the corridor as a baseline (new 2017 feature) but you can't add a dynamic featureline into a the corridor it's created from.

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