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Corridor conditional sub-assembly adjacent to offset target start/end issue

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Corridor conditional sub-assembly adjacent to offset target start/end issue

I've created a corridor with conditional sub-assemblies. I have polylines for driveway targets along the mainline. If the assembly finds one of those it puts the appropriate driveway sub-assembly in its place. If it doesn't find any polyline targets, then it puts a shoulder & swale sub-assembly in place. Under "Edit Frequency" I have "Adjacent to offset target start/end" set to YES, but the automatically added sections 0.01' on either side of found target aren't functioning correctly. I end up with blank areas in-between the driveways or adjacent to them. If I manually add a section close to the driveway it does fill in the corridor with the appropriate shoulder/swale sub-assembly. Is there a setting to increase the adjacent distance from 0.01'? Doug
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Hi dnietubicz,


The only available setting that controls corridor creation options are in teh CreateCorridor command settings. There you have option to turn on/off "adjacent to offset target" under "Assembly Insertion Defaults". Everything else is hard-coded. 

Almas Suljevic
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I have the same problem. I am using 2017 and it looks that this problem was not solved yet. I have 60 driveways which means i have to ADD 120 sections manually.

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Anybody had luck with this yet? I have the same problem.




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in reply to: ytzvib

@ytzvib Unfortunately not. I've noticed that the problem occurs with custom subassemblies. If you use stock subassemblies everything works ok, but most of the time is not an option...

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