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Corridor Beginning and Ending Stations Changing

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Corridor Beginning and Ending Stations Changing

I am having a problem with one of my corridors spontaneously changing its starting and ending stations. The corridor contains an intersection and it seems like every time that I rebuild the intersection or save my file, the beginning/end points for the corridor shrink. This corridor is somewhat complex because I have set some offset targets because the road becomes widened several times to allow for parallel parking.


The project as a whole has five corridors and about 6 intersections right now. Another strange thing is that I cannot seem to rebuild some corridors without it saying that other corridors are out of date for no apparent reason.


I have attached screenshots of how the corridor should look (much longer) and what it changes it to.


Any help would be much appreciated, I cannot for the life of my figure out why this would be happening.

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On the Parameters tab of Corridor Properties, try setting Lock regions toto Station Locking.

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I tried changing to station locking and the issue is still there.


It seems like I might just be able to add two new regions on either side of the problem area and give them the same targeting info as the old regions. Although that still doesn't explain why it's happening I think this workaround may work.


Thank you for your idea though, I will use station locking from here on

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