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Corridor Alignment Start Station Precision

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Corridor Alignment Start Station Precision

Hi All,


How can I specify the corridor alignment start station to be at a precision of one-one thousandth?


i.e. the Start station needs to be at ##.000 precision. The frequency has precision to 3 decimal places so shouldn't the alignment start station have the same precision?




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If you go into 'Settings' in your Toolspace and access the 'Alignment' you can change the precision using the Label Style Composer.  Make sure you create a copy of the standard, and then under the 'Layout' tab in the Label Style Composer you can control the precision through 'Text Contents'. See my pic below.  Hope this helps.

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Hi Sprotosow,


I understand how to change the precision in alignment labels, this is something that can be done for numerous different types of labels; cogo points, surface contours, sample lines, (and the list goes on...). This is not what I am trying to effect. I wish to change the precision in the corridor properties for the alignment start station. I am not trying to change a label style for an alignment. 


I tried toying with the ambient settings tab within the drawing settings, but what I modified did not seem to do the trick.


Sorry for the confusion.

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@darrell.kennedy, this appears to be a hidden setting. I am not finding the specific setting for the corridor stationing precision, but if you set the Corridor Feature Properties Station precision to 3, then hit the Clear Overrides arrow, the stations will then appear as you wish in the editor.



Jeff_M, also a frequent Swamper
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Jeff - I did not have the option to overrride, but this did do the trick after I changed both the precision and the Station Delimiter Character. 


For those reading this post in the future, these settings that Jeff mentioned above are in the drawing settings on the ambient settings tab, under the station dropdown.


Thanks again,


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Hi Jeff, I have a question related to this.


The drawing attached has ambient parent settings like you said (image 1).
"測点" means station, and "精度" means precision. Accuracy of 8 decimal places is guaranteed for stations.
Opening the corridor property dialogue, we can see station values are displayed with eight decimal places like image 2.

But when I try to add a corridor station that is 0.00001m (10^-5m) away from the existing one, it is not added.

It seems that the stations are merged with each other.
It looks weird because the setting should take into account gaps up to 10^-8m. 
Is this something we cannot change?


I figured out that corridor stations cannot be set closer than 0.0001m. Thank you. Please disregard this post.

Tatsuya Kusakabe
Technical Sales Specialist
Autodesk Ltd., Japan

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