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Copy and Paste scale issue within same drawing

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Copy and Paste scale issue within same drawing

When I copy and paste any object within this specific drawing, it pastes at a massive scale. Please see images attached for example.


I have tried the classic turn on and off, INSUNITS but nothing seems to work. If I work in autocad this issue is resolved however i need to use functions only available in civils. image.png

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in reply to: jtrolan


- Purge All
- Copy and Paste Orginal into new drawing
- Save over file

(Work arround. Not a technical solution)
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in reply to: jtrolan

I wonder something. Check your Civil 3D drawing settings (_AECCEDITDRAWINGSETTINGS) On the Units and Zones tab, check the Drawing Units. This should be set to Feet.

Tim Corey
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in reply to: jtrolan

Also, why are you copying and pasting the same block into the same drawing?  Why don't you just use the COPY command?  You run the risk of unnamed blocks by copying and pasting.  That can cause all sorts of issues in the future.  

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in reply to: jtrolan

Check to see if the block itself is Annotative.  Depending on a number of settings, when you copy/paste a new one it could become a different size.

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in reply to: jroot

This is not a block. Its poly lines and a hatch selected and copied together. It occurs even when copying a single option.

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in reply to: J-Porter

It also occurs when using the copy command or cmd+c & cmd+v.


This is also not a block. Its numerous polylines and a hatch.

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in reply to: jtrolan

If you can post the drawing you'll more than likely get an answer quickly.

OpenRoads Designer, Civil 3D
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in reply to: jtrolan

If you can't post the info in the drawing. Make a copy and erase everything except the polylines and hatch you show in the image.

Allen Jessup
CAD Manager - Designer
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