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confused pipe networks

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confused pipe networks

We have a few (10-20 out of 300) structures (and pipes connected to those structures) that appear in model space and when selected, the Properties palette shows appropriate information. In Prospector, these structures aren't listed. If I open project explorer, they do not show in the structures sub-object table. However, if I display a pipe run through those structures, they appear in the visual pane and are listed in the pipe run sob-object table.


If I audit the DWG, those structures are deleted and any pipes connected to them are also deleted.


The current workaround is to make an empty TEMP pipe network. Then "split" those confused structures to the TEMP network and back to the original network. Wahlah! All better. Everything is then listed in the prospector, etc.


I realize we should just move on. But I would like to see if anyone has encountered this issue. Is there potentially something in our workflows that might be causing the issue? Is it a bug????


Kevin Spear, PE
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I get weird things with Pipe Networks, particularly structures from time to time.  First thing I usually do is swap the structure to a different part type.  (Rectangular to Circular), and then swap back to the original part type.  


This isn't one I have heard of before.  The other thing I will do with weird pipe networks is export to landxml and then re-import the pipe network.  Corrupt objects will often come in around 0,0 rather than at their original coordinates.


Sorry I can't be more helpful with your issue.  Good Luck!

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confirmed with Autodesk - they can't duplicate it.... The workaround we provide (Split Network for parts missing from Prospector to an empty network and then Split them back) was the only indication they had that the db tables aren't talking correctly. Purging only removed those orphaned mspace objects. On to the next quirk!



Kevin Spear, PE

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