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Civil 3D objects not displaying in BIM 360

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Civil 3D objects not displaying in BIM 360

Hi, I am having a problem uploading my Civil 3D models for BIM coordination. The C3D pipe & pressure pipe networks that were created in Civil3D are not appearing as 3D objects in Navisworks or BIM360 Glue.


I had a feeling that switching from C3D 2014 to C3d 2016 was the issue, so as a test I created a test model in a clean C3D 2016 drawing. In the C3D object viewer, the model looks correct with Civil 3D objects, elevations, etc. When the exact same file opened in Navisworks Simulate 2016 or BIM360 Glue, the objects appear as flat 2D lines, and disconnected circles where the structures should be, or, nothing appears at all.


I have the C3D 2016 Object Enabler installed, however, Navisworks Simulate 2016 gives me the error message “Missing object enabler”. I have tried toggling the “PROXYGRAPHICS” and “PROXYSHOW” settings in C3D between 0 and 1 and this still does not give me the correct results.


Others have no problem uploading and viewing their C3D models with the BIM software. At one point, my models were displaying properly and now they are not.


Help please!! I'm out of ideas.







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