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Civil 3D 2019 New Layer From Standard Missing

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Civil 3D 2019 New Layer From Standard Missing

I've just started using Civil 3D 2019 and have installed all latest updates (up to and including 2019.2).


My problem is that the 'New Layer from Standards' button is missing in the layer properties manager. See below screenshot from 2017 where the button appeared and 2019 where it is missing??


Any ideas?

Civil 3D 2017 - button appearsCivil 3D 2017 - button appearsCivil 3D 2019 - no button?Civil 3D 2019 - no button?

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi @Anonymous,

What you are experiencing is the normal behavior for Civil 3D, out of the box setup is the way you currently have; the "New Layer by Standard" along with a couple other commands are actually native to AutoCAD Architecture rather than Civil 3D. With that said if you are up to it you can modify the Windows Registry to activate the AutoCAD Architecture Layer Properties Manager.

  • Make sure all AutoCAD based products including Civil 3D is closed on your computer
  • go to Run in your Start Menu and open the REGEDIT
  • Capture.PNG
  • Once inside the Registry Editor browse to the Path: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Autodesk\AutoCAD\R23.0\ACAD-2000:409\Applications\AcLayer\Extension
  • Capture2.PNG
  • Double click on "ADT" field and enter AecLayerManagerEx.dll (the value by default is empty but once you enter the .dll file name it will activate the AutoCAD Architecture layer Properties manager!)
  • Capture3.PNG
  • Click Ok and close the Registry Editor 
  • Start Civil 3D
  • Capture4.PNG

Hope that helps,

Samir Rezk
Technical Support Specialist

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in reply to: Anonymous

I don't see why this feature should be contrained to the ADT vertical.  Users should be able to toggle this layer tool from within the layer settings dialog. Using REGEDIT is often restricted in corporate environments, and when the functionality is already within the software, shouldn't be this difficult to enable.

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in reply to: Anonymous

There are several layer functions which are unique to Civil 3d, which is odd, they would be useful to have in the main product.  New layer from standard is one, also is the ability to import/export layer filter groups.


If I refer to the help for that I get:


How to export layer filters and groups from a DWG to another in AutoCAD and Civil 3D (

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