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Civil 3D 2019 database issue

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Civil 3D 2019 database issue

I am finding more and more that existing survey database randomly looses all import events.

all the data in the database just vanishes.

I can rebuild it, but its really a major problem.

Has anyone experienced this and or have a solution?

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No solution for you, but I share in your suffering. I've had points disappear and left with empty point groups.
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This could be related to file operating system on which you are storing the Survey Database files. If this drive is Network Attached Storage or another software-managed data drive format, using an NTFS drive might solve your problem. Autodesk Survey's foundational code was developed during the NTFS era, making me wonder if that's why these sorts of issues arise when we use NAS.

Tim Corey
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Redding, CA
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in reply to: tcorey

I do not understand anything you said.... Which is probably why I have stuff disappearing and why C3D causes me great heartache😫

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We use NTFS storage so thats not the problem. Anything else?

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