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Changing label text to all caps?

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Changing label text to all caps?

At the moment, I'm labeling features on my drawing with stations/offsets, but this question really applies to all label settings - is there any way to restrict the label text to be in all caps? I know I can just type in the station/offset labels manually but I'd like to be able to use the automatic-updating functionality of AutoCAD 3D. 

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Go into the label style, highlight your text and right click.  This will give you options to change case in the label style which should work for any labels using that style. See Attached.


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Thank you so much!

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I found this amazing app:

by Joe Sferrazza.

Works like a charm with any Autodesk product. You can change any font (notes, levels, ttiles, etc) to all caps, lowercaps, Sentence, and Title.

For $5 he saved me hours of work becuase my draftaman was using al caps and I use Sentence. So at the end we had a mess of mixed text styles. I bought the app, installed it and five minutes after I had the whole project reading beautifully and consistently.


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edit the label text, higlight the text and press ctrl+shift+u for uppercase or ctrl+shift+l for lowercase, just like you can when editing text.

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Go to Edit Label, in the label parameters, change the text under "sample value" to all caps. 

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