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Changing Annotation Scales Does Not Resize COGO Points and Labels

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Changing Annotation Scales Does Not Resize COGO Points and Labels

Hi All,


This has been happening on and off to me for a while and I have no idea what to do.


As the title says, I change the annotation scale and COGO points and labels do not change size.

  • Some days it works, some days it doesn't.
  • Sometimes exiting and restarting the program fixes it, more often it doesn't. Same with restarting the computer.
  • Annotative dimensions and leaders DO change size when the annotation scale changes, even when COGO points and labels do not change.
  • This happened in Civil3D 2021, an upgrade to 2022 did not help.
  • If I change the annotation scale and then rotate a point or move a line with a label on it, that specific point or label changes scales and a regen then changes the sizes of all objects.
  • If I go to Toolspace, Settings, right click on the drawing, Edit Drawing Settings, and change the scale in the Units and Zone tab that DOES change the size of all objects, every time.
  • This happens in all drawings. Ones from other companies sent to us, ones started from our template, ones started from the default template, etc.

Any ideas on what I can do to fix this? It's a real pain.




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Botão direito no gopo de pontos e vá em propriedades, depois editar point label style como na imagem. 
Na aba Layout você pode editar o tamanho da fonte ou outros aspectos.

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So I found a solution that worked for a similar issue that I had:

-First add the cogo points to a point group and then assign the group a style.

-In the point style settings (right-click -> properties) there is a tab named 'marker'.

-In the top-right hand corner there is a size option that allows you to change the points based on drawing scale.


Hope this helps!

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Check this solution

Point style: In point group property - point style - Marker tab - use size as "fixed scale" or "absolute units".




Point Label Style: For Layout tab modify the scale in Toolspace - Edit Drawing Settings. For Model tab modify the scale in the bottom bar of the window.




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I have just started experiencing the same thing in my 2022 version of Civil 3D. As others stated, using the drawing settings in tool space works, but not the annotation window in the status pane. Have been working with Civil 3D for over 10 years and haven't experienced this one before

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I've found that if I click specifically on a COGO point, and use the regen command, it resizes the points!
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that is definitely working and how I am proceeding. Like others have stated, just a little bit more of a PITA. I just recently had to use a 20 year old version of microstation to satisfy a DOT project though and will take these minor Civil 3D work arounds over that any day!!!!! 

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regen enter then click any labels then enter again or may click any label 1st then regen enter


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This has been a bug for 9 versions that's never been fixed. I still don't know what causes it nor how to fix it. Neither does Autodesk, apparently.

C3D 2022-2025
Windows 11

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