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Cant edit label text in general segment label

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Cant edit label text in general segment label

I am having trouble editing the text in a general segment label.  I created a label that displays the bearing and distance of a line with a second component for a description that I edit via edit label text.  this works just fine when the dragged state is set to Stacked Text.  when the dragged state is set to As Composed edit label text no longer works.



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Well, it looks like you have 2 choices.

1.  Use the Stacked version.


2.  Post a .dwg with the label included.  There is a great chance that someone will "git-er-done"




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Let me guess. The end of the leader (landing) goes to the middle of the text. See attached. It is a glitch in C3D. The same goes for Parcel Area Styles. 

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While I don't have the leader displayed the attachment point is in the middle of the text as you showed.  


so here is something very weird (which is unusual for autocad - NOT).  I mistakenly had the mask turned on for only the distance and bearing component and not the description component.  I turned on the mask for the description component and suddenly I can us the Edit Label Text command.


Problem solved...I guess!

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As I say, sometimes you just need to ask the dummy in the corner. He may not speak, but will get you thinking. 



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