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Blocks and Mtext misbehave when changing viewport scale

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Blocks and Mtext misbehave when changing viewport scale

Whenever I try to adjust the scale of my viewports, certain text and blocks (but not others) start acting weird.


The "water surface level" block will suddenly become much larger in all viewports (not just the one I'm changing the scale of), and in model space it displays normally but whenever I select it it shows both its normal size and the much larger size at the same time.


The red text showing the vertical scale behaves the same way, but not the labels below the profiles, even though they're all Mtext. Text on paper space behaves normally.


For some background, the drawing I copied this one from (this firm doesn't have templates... it's been an ongoing battle trying to get them to adopt some) was drawn in a much smaller scale, which made drawing these profiles manually (is there a way to have them auto-generated to some degree?) a huge chore because I had to divide every measurement by 60. So I scaled everything in model space up by 60 instead so I could just draw things in full scale. This required scaling up all blocks and text, which behave normally until I create a viewport and try to change the scale.


My current workaround is to just copy an existing viewport (which I created, set the scale, then went through and replaced all affected text and blocks) and then pan around until I get the desired modelspace linework showing. It works, but it's annoying to have to deal with workarounds like this because of a bug in the software. Does anyone know what could be causing this, or how to stop it from happening?


Thanks in advance.





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It's very likely an annotative scaling issue. Select all the text and blocks that are misbehaving and make sure they have the appropriate scales assigned to them.



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