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Area of body objects when extract links from corridor

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Area of body objects when extract links from corridor

When extracting solids from a corridor, the corridor links are converted to body objects. For quantification I want to extract the areas of the bodies,  but area is not a properties of a body object. Does anyone has a workaround to calculate areas from bodies? I want to use the property 'area' in when I load the bodies in Navisworks.

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in reply to: gleeuwdrent

Hi @gleeuwdrent,


Interesting question! This is just an idea that may help you. How about run a script to select all body then create lineworkshrinkwrap and that will create polyline and that will give you an area. If you don't have much area to do then you can create a property data set and add an area to your body manually. Please see attached animated gif file as a guide and sample script attached below.




; Start script
(ssget "x" (list (cons 0 "body")))


; End script





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in reply to: Jowennl

Thanks for your reply, this is interesting. I dont have experience with this kind of scripts. Disadvantage of this method is that the polylines can only provide 2D area, no 3D area. And all the corridor information which is stored in the property sets is lost. Do you see any possiblities to avoid this disadvantages?

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in reply to: Jowennl

Dear,     @Jowennl and @gleeuwdrent, maybe another way to figure out this problem is to create a Triangulation Surface first, in order to obtain the 3D Area of the body. Then if you don't want the whole Daylight Area, you can apply this script and add the polyline in the Surface definition ( from a surface created from the appropated corridor's links).

However its not a dynamic solution...

The question to Autodesk Forum is:

1) why is not possible to get an area from a body???

2) Is there any formula in property sets that links area body as 3D areas like other objects??

Thank you!!



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Hi Jowenn, 


when i am trying to use the script, i am getting bellow error.  



am i missing something. 

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in reply to: gleeuwdrent

@gleeuwdrent and @Jowennl 


I recently came across this post (more than a year later).  The workflow I have does lose its connectivity to the model, but will allow you to determine an area from a body.


I had a corridor model that only output a link and not a solid, so I exported the link and it come into Civil 3D as a body.  Like you I tried to determine an area, but to no luck, so instead I exploded the body and a surface was created.  The surface was able to be read by the area command.


I tried looking into creating a dynamo script to read this data, but it also seems that dynamo cannot read body or surface objects, perhaps this can be looked into.


I am using Civil 3D 2020.6 and Dynamo

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in reply to: seanp.fahey

I'm using now a similar workflow. I've created a plugin (C#) that's creating in memory an AutoCAD surface from the body, then reading the area of the surface and attach the area as property data to the body. Then the area can used for quantification, for example in Navisworks.

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