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Annotation Scale & Standard Scale of a Viewport

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Annotation Scale & Standard Scale of a Viewport

The properties pallatte has both these scales listed.  In theory, they can be different.  But in practice they can't.  I would love to be able to plot my drawing at 1:1000 with the civil objects & labels scaled to 1:500 so they don't overwhelm the plan.  It would seem I should be able to simply set the viewport to have a standard scale of 1:1000 and annotation scale 1:500 and be done.  But it doesn't work.  It will always scale the annotative objects to the standard scale.


My workaround is to scale my sheet double size and plot it half size, to trick the Civil objects & labels.  But what? why? how is it meant to work.  Surely you can do better than this?!

Mark Green

Working on Civil 3D in Canada

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in reply to: troma

No, you can't do better than this.  If you are using the AutoCAD annotative objects, them yes, it can work as you're thinking.  Not for Civil labels though.

Matt Kolberg
SolidCAD Professional Services /
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in reply to: troma

Civil 3D objects and labels were created prior to the annotation scale being a part of AutoCAD (2004 was the first "release" of Civili 3D and 2007 annotation scale was introduced into AutoCAD). Because of this, the Civil 3D objects have always reacted to the viewport scale. I agree, they should react to the annotation scale but they don't.

Brian J. Hailey, P.E.

GEI Consultants
My Civil 3D Blog

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in reply to: BrianHailey

Just checking: does this still apply? Has there been any change to how civil annotations work?


- F

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in reply to: Buzz0m

No changes, you can however use an expression in the label style to control text size of C3D object labels.

Rick Jackson
Survey CAD Technician VI

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in reply to: Buzz0m

Please add your vote here to request this change:

Mark Green

Working on Civil 3D in Canada

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in reply to: Buzz0m

Some Autocad File does not open , when I open it found FATAL ERROR : Unhandled Voilation Reading 0x0008 Exception at5805b 10h. Please resolve this problem sir


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