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Alignspace not working properly

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Alignspace not working properly


My command alignspace is not working properly, used to work fine. After selcting points an pressing enter the model space rotate and zoom to random.


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Close civil 3D, reopen and try again.

Mark Mccall 
CAD Mangler

Hammer Land Engineering


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unchecked Clockwise in units command

thx Steve h. from autodesk

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Using "ALIGNSPACE" to bring the viewport to a pre-placed rectangular polygon representing the specified sheet view.

Some sheets were displaying the view at a slight angle in the viewport, which was the wrong alignment.

1) Went to [Start/Drawing Utilities/Units/Drawing Units] and unchecked the box next to "Clockwise".

2) Also, ensured the grip(s) I was selecting were the correct line/polyline intersections/ends, both within model space and the viewport, before hitting ENTER to complete the command.

The views now align properly. Not sure what effect #1 had, but the combination seems to have worked. However, I only had the issue with two out of five sheets anyway.

Before posting this, I went back and retried on a single sheet. After rechecking the box next to "Clockwise", I zoomed away from the polygon in workspace, hit the "ALIGNSPACE" command and finally the above listed procedure #2. Maybe I was grabbing the wrong grips? I had been highlighting the correct linework before. Obviously not the correct grips though.

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This is a little off topic but important for anyone who googled their way here. I myself did an internet search wondering why my alignspace command wasn't working properly and both times that I've been bamboozled by this command I later realized it was because I was making a mistake translating from model space to my viewport, so now I'm leaving a comment on this 2-year-old thread for anyone else who makes a similar mistake.


If for example, you are using a polyline rectangle in model space as a viewport alignment guide, you should make sure that the rectangle, and the viewport in question have exactly the same aspect ratio. (If your guide is 4:3 in model space, the paper space viewport must also be 4:3 and vice versa) If you don't, you're going to be spending 20 minutes wondering why your model space is slightly askew every time you invoke the command.

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Old thread. Fine. It's still very relevant to a bunch of people.

The aspect ratio note is a good thing to be careful of. Maybe an answer for someone in the future.


The answer to the problem that I found.

I realized is that I wasn't being careful enough when cycling between snaps. Even though the snap label(?) was telling me I was grabbing the right point on the linework, I was not. For future seekers, make sure you are selecting the correct point on the correct "object". Don't assume you're getting the correct intersection, midpoint, etc. This may seem like something that's obvious, but when you're just trying to get the drawings out, you may miss that detail. Try to grab linework that is away from other objects. You may need to zoom in/out. In our case, we use a border placed in workspace to zoom to. Even then it may not be as clear as one would think.

If anyone else has an solution to this issue, please let "us" know. The more solutions in one spot the better.


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