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Pipe and Structure volumes is incorrect via MASSPROP

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Pipe and Structure volumes is incorrect via MASSPROP

Using the Civil3D .NET API, I have been able to extract the volumes associated with Solid3dBody objects by first accessing a pipe/structure/solid, extracting the Solid3dBody and then extracting the "MassProperties.Volume" field. My goal is to find the amount of material that these objects are constructed with.

The problem is that this MASSPROP volume extracts the entire volume of the space that the object takes up in 3D, regardless of its inner dimensions. For example, the volume of a pipe are returned as if the pipe was a solid cylinder, and not a hollow cylinder. The database for all these pipes and structures do contain the correct information on wall thicknesses, floor thicknesses, etc. so the task becomes a simple calculation for simple objects, but when an object (structure) becomes more complex, there is no way to accurately identify the material volume. Is there a way to automatically extract what I am looking for?


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