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Civil3D surface data to GIS in batchmode /LSP vs ScriptPro or different solution

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Civil3D surface data to GIS in batchmode /LSP vs ScriptPro or different solution

Dear Folks,


I have a small question. I have arround 500 points clouds with about 1 mio points each. I already converted them with FME to GIS-data to make it easier for importing to Civil 3D. I am actually more from the GIS world, so i am not so confirm with autodesk producst, but programming is not an issue.


To my problem. I want to generate for each point cloud a *.dwg -File with the surface information. This has to be done once. Perhaps I have to use the workflow again next year with different data.


1. What should I use? I actually want to process it in background, so over the weekend. What option can you suggest?


2. By using the command "createsurfacefromgisdata" I have to enter some parameter and also connect to the shapefile. It that even possible with some parameter? Or should I use the *.xyz File --> Import and than use polygons with the border?


I Already found this solution, but i dont think this works for me.


So it would be awesome, if somebody can help....






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