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C3D 2016. Part Builder - how to set the shape of a structure

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C3D 2016. Part Builder - how to set the shape of a structure

Hi there, I need your help with this crazy part builder. 


I'm trying to create a custom structure in Part Builder, it looks like this (used for telephone cable):




In Part Builder I made a perfect parametric structure: 




But the problem is when I add a structure to the network in Civil 3D drawing it looks like ordinary box(( Like this




In structure propeties I can see that for structure shape property the value is "BoundingShape_Undefined". In structure style in Model tab option is 'Part Defined Shape'. 




Is it possible to see in 3D view the realistic shape of a structure? What I should do?( 

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I was going to suggest Project Kamaleon, but it looks like it may have expired. It may have been extended again though.


I haven't had much luck with Part Builder so other than this suggestion I don't have anything else to offer on that.


I'd probably create a 3D block if I wanted a 3D view of it and manually place it over the Civil 3D structure.  



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in reply to: a.zemlyanskaya

Here is just a suggestion off the top of my head. It is much easier to draw things like that  and add in pressure pipes, I did a few fire hydrants. You could draw this as a 3D object in AutoCAD and add this to your appertanance library then just run straight pressure pipe from appertenance to appertenance.  You probably may have to add a few sizes for varying depths. Since it is telephone cable, pressure pipe would seem to me more applicable to design since you can assign the pipe to be for example 4 feet below grade and it will follow the EG (or Prop grade) surface along the profile and set it to the appropriate elevation. 

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Yes, manually placed solids could be a solution if we need just simple visualization in 3D. But I want to get more from BIM solution (as CIvil 3D is positioned). I want to work with a dynamic model of network at least, not just AutoCAD blocks(

As for Project Khameleon, I tried it when it was just released, but it didn't work correctly at that moment and I forgot about it. Thanks that you reminded. I'll try to use it again if it's possible.
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I realize Autodesk markets Civil 3D as a BIM product, but as you are finding it really is not an adequate BIM product. It's more of a label updating program that was missing from Land Desktop. If you look at the product set and capabilities between Civil 3D and Land Desktop it becomes apparent that the main difference between the two is the label updating in Civil 3D. As for BIM capabilities Autodesk did little to nothing to make Civil 3D BIM. Heck even basic rectangular structures are not shown in profile views correctly. Pipes and structures don't react to each other or other pipe networks. Civil 3D is just really dumb when it comes to design processes and attributes to my opinion that Civil 3D is a really, really crappy BIM product.


Also you'd probably get more responses in the General Civil 3D Forum. 

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Yes, I agree that pressure pipes are more applicable to design in this case. But the problem is that there is no possibility to add pressure network as a source of data in profile view. It holds me back from using pressure pipes.

Well, I'll try to use AutoCAD solid to make a new structure. Thank you for advice

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