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What is the default font used in tinkercad?

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What is the default font used in tinkercad?

Hi, Im using Tinker cad and trying to find the font type for a project. When you select the magnifying class and type in "letters", youre given A - Z and I love the font. However when importing into autodesk or similar your asked to define the font type and I cant seem to find the right one. Does anyone know or anyone from Autodesk?

The designer is geometricity

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In Tinkercad, the default font used for text elements is "Sans-serif." This font is a simple and clean typeface that lacks the decorative strokes or embellishments found in fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. The use of a sans-serif font helps to maintain clarity and legibility in 3D designs, which is especially important in a platform like Tinkercad where precision is key. If you want to change the font for your text elements, you can do so by selecting the text and choosing a different font from the available options in the text settings.

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