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Solver has exited unexpectedly in rotation region

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10-09-2014 02:56 AM

Hi everyone

I have a problem with my simulation, and i dont know where is the mistake. When i run the simulation, in the "Rotation interpolation data complete" step the solver exited.

Could someone help me?? i attached support file.


And, one more question, i have run some 2D simulations, and i want to know if in a 2D simulation cavitation could be simulated, because the result is % of vapour volume, and, in a 2D simulation, there is not a volume.


Lot of thanks to everyone!!

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Re: Solver has exited unexpectedly in rotation region

10-09-2014 06:24 AM in reply to: javier101191



I replicated the solver failure as you have mentioned.  I got some diagonstic information from the status file and it appears that there were some duplication in element face data that should have not been there.  I forwarded your share file to a partner in development so that he can review this and determine what the problem is ( bad CAD, etc. ).


I did notice that if you suppress the solid nylon part, the analysis ran fine ( after I used a slightly finer mesh ).


Regarding cavitation, for 2D model, the volume is computed assuming a unit lenght in the 3rd direction.  For example, with planar 2D geometry and using mm for units, we are assuming that the volume is the element area times 1 mm depth.  For the axisymmetric models, the volume is per radian.  Most of the cavitation data is written as % volume ( 100 % * cavitation volume / total fluid volume ).



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Re: Solver has exited unexpectedly in rotation region

10-09-2014 11:04 AM in reply to: waited
Lot of thanks, i am gonna check that!

But, coming back to the cavitation problem, i have a 2D geometry, where i
have really low pressures (-93000 Pa for example) and i dont get cavitation
although i have enabled cavitation. I triedto change fluid settings and
changed the phase to vapor pressure, and i wrote the vapor pressure to
90000 Pa (to make sure if cavitation module was working) and i didnt have
any result of cavitation.
I attached the support file.

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