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Car analysis CFD RR help

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Car analysis CFD RR help

Hello,Screenshot 2021-11-05 175901.pngScreenshot 2021-11-05 175937.pngScreenshot 2021-11-05 175959.png
I'm trying to use CFD2021  V21.0 and I'm having problems with the rotating region around wheels.
I'm trying to simulate car traveling @120km/h. With moving ground and rotating wheels.
My workflow goes as:

1. Upload model with separate bodies for wheels, air, and region of rotation a bit larger than wheels.

2.  Assign materials to all the bodies. Surrounding box - air, Main car body - steel, wheels - steel, and rotating region to cylinders over wheels.

3.  Adding boundary conditions.  Left/right, top - slip, normal to front - v=120km/h , bottom(road) - component  v =120km/h.

4. Assign RPM to rotating region calculated from the speed and diameter of the wheels.

5. Meshing with custom boundary layer count. 10 in this example. Meshing excluding all the solids (wheels and main body)

6. Setting solver for sst-k omega ,  advection 5, no thermal analysis,  with sufficient step count for steady flow.

 7. Hit -solve.


After some successful messages in the window, analysis starts and after few second error pop up, stating that inertia of rotating device is = 0 and I should change that.(attaching picture).


Tried adding inertia to RR material by picking  free-spinning option and adding inertia then choosing over known rotational speed again. But to no positive result. Error persists once again. Am I missing something?  
Thank you



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in reply to: vp7P3QQ

Hello @vp7P3QQ ,


Can you post a zipped file of the support share file (*.cfz) of your model?



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