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Security control for BIM collaboration pro

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Security control for BIM collaboration pro

currently there is no control on people accessing files from outside the network.

Currently we don’t use any SSO or any separate idP.

Also, we don’t want to roll out SSO on the domain level and seems Autodesk has no native control on Docs !

We are wondering how companies comply with Data protection requirements……which is a mandate by law nowadays.

in the current BCP setup, as long as the user is having the edit permissions, he can download/'save as' files from any location and this will breach of NDAs in many cases.

hope urgently you will put controls to limit access to certain projects from within the network only....

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in reply to: JijoV.G.7963

We have the same issues in our company. It seems that there is no way to make the files only editable by your users and not editable by all others involved in the project.

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