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You don't have access to the cloud folder, being a Project Admin

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You don't have access to the cloud folder, being a Project Admin


My colleague has a BIM360 license and can open the cloud sharing model fine. 

After about 15 mins of modelling, she gets an 'Access Denied' error stating:

'You don't have access to the cloud folder'.

You have been removed from the collaboration project and can no longer access this model.


BIM360 Info:

Project Admin Tab - User is a Project Admin

Doc Management - User has Folder Control in Project Files & all sub folders. 


I have tried changing permissions, adding & removing user, but the issue persists. 

I am an account admin so I can change any settings if they are the problem. 


Images attached

The user can access other BIM360 cloud projects and the models work fine. 


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In AWS, IAM works much the same way: you can specify any IAM principal (user, group, role) you want in your policies, even if they belong to accounts in other organizations .

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wrong reply .

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Hi, not sure I am understanding this can you please expand on the answer? 

I have assigned all user, group and role correctly. As I have had to set up other users including external organisations and they all work ok. 
It is just this one user that is having the problems above. 

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If this is a laptop owned by their company and not a personal device, it's very likely that the IT admins can see everything at anytime on their local machine. In IT support we usually have admin file share access to workstations where we could literally browse your files. The reality is no one is doing that because who has the time, the only time it happens (outside abusing their power to snoop which will get ya canned, everything is logged these days) is if HR comes and asks IT to do so for an investigation of sorts .

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