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New version of a reviewed file showing previous markups

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New version of a reviewed file showing previous markups


We're setting up review workflows to cover the internal review process on a project. We're using the 1 step review process. Seems to be working fine except for one big issue, the mark ups from a previous version are coming out on the next version of the file. Not sure why anyone would want this but is there a way to turn this off without losing the original markup by archiving.


The steps we are looking at are:

  1. Upload pdf (version 1) & submit for review.
  2. Reviewer comments and markups the pdf through the review process.
  3. File is revised based on step 2 and new pdf version is created (version 2). 
  4. New comments and markups are added or the file is approved.

Marking up a file normally (outside the review process) hides the markup on the new version but it can be checked if required.


Any help would be great.

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I'm not sure what you mean by clicking "no markup".

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Is or was it a shared document and do you have unresolved conflicts in changes you and someone else made? I had a similar (but different so it might not be your problem) issue where I couldn’t turn tracking on until I resolved  .

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