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Autodesk viewer online.

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Autodesk viewer online.

Hi All,


How do i disable gravity on the autodesk online viewer. Recently the selection in options > Navigation to disable prototype 1st person mode was removed. Now every time I use first person mode I have to hold down E & Q to stay afloat. It has become really hard to navigate the model if gravity keeps pulling the fly mode down to the ground. 


Could we please bring back the previous 1st person mode. 

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Hi @dennisnadvprecast


Thank you for the feedback. I recently added the ability to toggle gravity on/off using the space-key. The change will go to production within next days - prospectively today. Please let me know if there are any other disturbing issues with the walktool or the viewer in general.





Henrik Buchholz

Software Architect 




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Thank you. Looking forward to a new release.

Without the gravity it should work wonders.



Current version I'm using of the online viewer is v6.2.2

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Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for adding the turn off gravity toggle in First Person.  The gravity has been so difficult to deal with.  Any chance this can be a persistent option in the settings menu?


Richard Amiss

Universal Creative

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Sounds like a useful suggestion to make it easier to find this option. I will add it to the requirement list. 

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